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Exceptional, professional interpretation and translation services at affordable rates for interviews, investigations, medical appointments, court cases, tribunals, labour arbitrations, conferences and more.

  • Expertise

    We specialize in individualized, custom and nuanced interpretation in sensitive, complex and difficult situations

  • Highly Trained

    We are accustomed to handling high pressure environments and are trained to work with those impacted by violence

  • Affordable

    We offer competitive rates. Fees generated through this program support reliable programs for women who experience violence.

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What others say about us

BSCC Interpreters display high standards of conduct which is vitally important, not only in the administration of justice, but in promoting confidence in our clients.

Court Worker

It has been my pleasure to work with BSCC interpreters. I commend the good work they do to ensure our clients have a voice in a process that is often unfamiliar, confusing and traumatic.

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