Interpreter Service Excellence Since 1987

Our interpreters are equipped with unique skills that rise above industry standards. Our understanding of cultural sensitivities and comfort with emotionally-charged situations help you overcome language barriers in any setting.

Oral Interpretation Services

Face-to-face (In-Person)

  • Individual

    One-on-one meeting between a client and non-English speaking client.

  • Group

    More than one non-English speaking client present .

  • Consecutive

    Interpretation delivered after client speaks.

  • Simultaneous

    Interpretation delivered while client speaks.


  • Scheduled

    At an agreed date and time

  • Message Relay

    Interpreter calls non-English speaking client and makes inquiry/delivers brief message, and then informs service provider of the result.

Interpreter Qualifications

Required Qualifications of Interpreters


    Fluency and proficiency in English and another language


    Successful completion of the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration’s (MCI) approved Interpreter Language and Skills Assessment Tool (ILSAT)


    Successful completion of a recognized interpreter training program


    A minimum of a high school diploma, some college and university preferred


    Familiarity with social services, including legal and health sectors


    Understanding of issues related to anti-oppression


IST understands the need for quality interpreters better than anyone. IST’s non-profit arm,  the Barbra Schlifer Clinic, continues to use IST to serve its own clients – a job which requires exceptionally trained interpreters that are able to handle high stress situations with a nuanced understanding of sensitive topics. We use the same interpreters to provide you with the highest quality services.

IST interpreters receive over 154 hours of training. They adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and they bring sensitivity and professionalism to each assignment.

All of our interpreters strictly adhere to the Standards of Practice and Ethical Principles as set out by the National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services (NSGCIS) and a Code of Ethics, as well as sign Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements.

IST Interpreters display high standards of conduct which is vitally important, not only in the administration of justice, but in promoting confidence in our clients. 

Court Worker

It has been my pleasure to work with BSCC interpreters. I commend the good work they do to ensure our clients have a voice in a process that is often unfamiliar, confusing and traumatic.


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